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The ELITE Community

At Gracy Elite Fitness we take pride in being active members of our community and taking a hands on approach. We believe it is important to empower the health and wellness not only inside the gym, but outside. Please scroll to discover how we outreach to an abundance of communities within the Augusta, Georgia area.


Gracy Elite Fitness and...

Breast Cancer Awaraness

We at Gracy Elite Fitness are very large advocators for breast cancer awareness and participate annually in the walk and run for cancer! As advocators for health and wellness we ensure to have a hands on role with organizations supporting and uplifting individuals facing health issues.

Gracy Elite Fitness and...

Student Education

Regularly educating and mentoring students of various backgrounds is highly important to building future leaders of the next generation. Through providing free fitness training, visiting public schools in the Augusta area and mentoring young individuals.


Gracy Elite Fitness and...

Health and Wellness Seminars

Building discussions around the importance of maintaining your health is vital to the fitness and wellness industry. Thus, we are continuously serving as a voice for the community through conducting seminars and educating our clients on the the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Gracy Elite Fitness and...

Community Service

Regularly attending events hosted within the Augusta community is one way we show our appreciation to the people of our city. Being active members of our community and showcasing our brand identity is a large component of who we are.

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