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Any package session with Gracy Elite Fitness is considered active and ongoing until the last scheduled payment. Payments may be paid in full, or scheduled at the time of sign-up, subsequent payments are drafted on 1st and or the 15th  of each month until the last scheduled payment unless paid in full at the time of sign up. There is no cancellation fee, membership can be canceled at any time.  Any processed payments are non-refundable To cancel, clients must send a notice of cancellation via email to prior to the beginning or before starting any program at Gracy Elite Fitness. If the membership isn’t canceled seven days prior to the beginning or before starting any program at Gracy Elite Fitness payments will resume to the last scheduled payment unless the client emails the office as referenced above to cancel. Meal plans are non-refundable and are paid at the time of sign up. For personal training sessions the trainers are required to wait 10 minutes for the client to show for their scheduled appointment. If the client is late for the appointment the trainer is not obligated to make up any missed time. Trainer may conduct the session only for the remaining time left of that appointment. All missed PT sessions must be completed within the time frame(month) session(s) were missed, in the event the sessions are not made up sessions are fortified after two or more consecutive missed PT sessions, sessions  are fortified. 

PARTICIPATION IN ANY ACTIVITY WITHIN GRACY ELITE FITNESS LLC IS AT THE SOLE DISCRETION AND JUDGMENT OF THE MEMBER AND AT HIS OR HER OWN RISK I, the undersigned, assume full responsibility for death, injuries, catastrophic injuries or damages which may occur to me in, on, or about the premises of the facility and do hereby fully and forever release and discharge GRACY ELITE FITNESS , any and all suits, claims, damages, costs and expenses of every kind in conjunction with the use of the Facility and thereof equipment associated.I, the undersigned, further agree to use all equipment and activity areas properly and leave them in good condition.  I also understand that the staff is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings.I, the undersigned, have received the Personal Training Registration packet, policies and conduct of training sessions and understand there are limitations to my participation as outlined in the packet. I, the undersigned, certify that the information I have given on this form is complete and accurate.

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